Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Nine Day Week, and Other Requests For 2017

I have been shirking my blog writing responsibilities over the last few weeks.  It’s not for lack of ‘want-to’; per usual, it’s time that gets in the way.  As school’s second semester kicked off it became apparent that this would be a spring like the Jacobson’s haven’t seen before.
Six days a week.  Soccer will be attended by some derivative of the Jacobson children six days a week.  Ignore choir, homework, piano and everything will be played six days a week.  Now, before you ask, this isn’t some fancy pants, daylight savings nine day week.  This is a standard seven day week, six of which will have soccer related overtones. 
I am willfully ignoring the fact that often during the next few months tournaments will take over Sunday’s as well.  A standard week will look something like this...
Macy – Practice
Avery - Practice
Avery - Choir
Darby - Game
Avery – Academy
Avery – Practice
Darby – Practice
Avery - Choir
Macy - Game
Avery - Game
For expedience's sake I didn't insert work or school or homework or Spanish lessons or sleep or mowing the lawn or sitting on the couch for a minute or two to catch my breath.  Its quite a list, even more so when you consider that Adrienne and I are not "win at all cost" soccer parents.  We see it as a healthier release for the kids than iPads and Netflix, not a means of raising Olympic stars. 
We have a rule here on Larkbunting Drive for the kids.  Mom and Dad aren't going to tell the kids what exactly they have to participate in but each of the kids have to do something to make their body stronger (soccer has always been their choice for that) and something to make their minds stronger (Spanish and piano currently hold that spot).  We've had that rule for some time, effectively all of their little lives, but this year it feels a bit like its coming back to haunt us. 

It's not that I mind, truly, but there is a feeling of every minute of every day is accounted for.  I am still training for a marathon and Adrienne is also involved in softball, may be joining a Friday night adult kickball league with some friends and we both play in a golf league. 

The biggest annoyance is that the weight isn't just falling off at this point but that's a separate posting.  What I feel tends to fall through the cracks is the family time.  We have a history of eating breakfast and dinner together, we try to spend our Sundays together as a family doing something out of the norm such as going to the zoo, natural history museum and the like, long sentence short, we try to enjoy each other as an entire group. 

Maybe that sounds a little 'fairy tale family' but I envision a time just a few short years from now where I'll be lucky to spend fifteen minutes a weekend with my little ones.  I foresee school, sports, friends, clubs and ~gulp~ boys taking precedence over yours truly.   

The lesson here may be as much for me as it is for you.  I get it, you're dead set on growing up.  You are adamant about getting taller, smarter and more independent.  While I'd love to keep you as my little girls forever, I'll allow for your personal evolutions.  In the spirit of transparency, I'm excited to see the young women you will become.   Grow up if you insist, but try not to forget how you got there and the people who helped you along the way, namely your Mom and Dad, and carve out a little time from your lives for those two people.  Trust me, in the long run, you'll be happy you did.

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  1. Have been waiting for this next blog for a while, and figured that the delay had to do with exactly what you describe - kids, kids' activities and there being only so many hours in the day! You touch on an important point, as although we are "only" juggling two kids/activities, as they are a few years older, we already see the competition for their time intensifying quickly with friends, social events and more sports demands - point being, it may run you ragged, but try to enjoy the ride, as it goes by way too fast