Thursday, November 12, 2015


Not one, not two, but three girls sick in the house.  That wouldn't be that weird, but it's three girls down with three different illnesses.   Avery is in the grips of RSV.  I don't know exactly what it stands for but in loose medical terms, it's Really Shitty Virus.  Macy has come across a viral chest infection which may have been on its way to RSV had it not been nabbed early and Darby has a UTI.  I will not make up an acronym for that due to location of its onset. 

The wife and I have been up since 1:30 in the morning and the prospect of sleep seems an ever moving horizon.  Adrienne has already taken a barf bath more than once today and I have done something I rarely do...consider myself fortunate to leave the family and go off to work this morning. 

There are a couple of silver linings, specifically two of them as a matter of fact.   My girls sat and watched both Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back today while couch ridden.   Luke and Leia and Han and Chewie were the chicken soup that I was unable to provide today.  It's a deviation from the point of this post but it is very gratifying to see the girls grab onto something I loved as a kid.  I would love to bask in the warm glow of my kids and light sabers but this post is more about their illnesses than the Force. 

There is Ibuprofen and antibiotics and something called a 'nebulizer' (which incidentally sounds right out of Star Wars to me) and noodle soup and blankets and barf buckets and Kleenex.  There's coughing and crying and mucus and stink.  There is not a surface in this house that will not require sanitizing and perhaps a de-boogering (sp).  On top of all of that there is the complete inability to hold a tangent thought as sleep deprivation has rendered me a typing chimp. 

So in that my poor sick girls, here is the food for thought, keep it down if you can.  There has never been a time in your life where your puke, your boogers, your poop, your whatever is something that mommy and daddy will walk away from.  There is no sleep you can cost us and no germs you can be covered with that will keep mommy and daddy from holding you.  You can have mommy's lap or my side of the bed, whatever it takes to make you feel better.  That is saying something coming from us.  Mommy loves her sleep and daddy, well, he gets grossed out really easily.  So feel better girlies, but feel free to crawl into our bed if you need to.  Mommy doesn't need any beauty sleep anyhow.

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